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Exploring ‘Encanto’ and intergenerational trauma

21 September 2022

A new research paper published by PEDAL PhD student Sydney Conroy, entitled ‘Narrative Matters: Encanto and intergenerational trauma’, suggests that engaging with popular children’s films might be the key to unlocking conversations around intergenerational trauma with young people and their families. In her analysis of the 2021 Disney hit, Conroy highlights that the relationship between […]

PEDAL’s Dr Ciara Laverty in PlayFutures webinar

28 March 2018

Watch the webinar about playing with infants and toddlers, featuring Dr Vicky Leong (Department of Pscyhology, University of Cambridge), Dr Ciara Laverty (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge), and Dr Melissa Scarpate (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge).

Depression and playfulness in fathers

1 February 2018

A research paper has been published by Prof Paul Ramchandani entitled 'Depression in and playfulness in fathers and young infants: A matched design comparison study'. Key findings include: playful behaviours at 3-months differ between depressed and non-depressed fathers; depressed fathers use less playful excitation...

New Professor for PEDAL

1 December 2017

We are delighted to introduce the new LEGO Professor of Play in Education, Development & Learning - Professor Paul Ramchandani . Find out more about the first LEGO Professor of Play in Education, Development and Learning from the University of Cambridge. BBC Article For all media enquiries please contact the University...

Play: A Window into Children’s Social Worlds

7 October 2017

Prof Anthony Pellegrini joined a group of esteemed academics as part of Dr Jenny Gibson & Dr Vicky Leong 's two day symposium entitled 'Breaking Barriers' on 11th & 12th September 2017. Looking at how research in the field can be enriched by new technology, Prof Pellegrini talked about the difficulty of defining...