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PEDAL PhD Series: Applying for a PhD at PEDAL

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to do a PhD? Would you like to know more about studying here at PEDAL?

In the PEDAL PhD series, current PEDAL students discuss their experiences of studying a PhD at the University of Cambridge and answer some of your questions about the application process.

Click below to watch the series, and find the latest videos from PEDAL on our YouTube channel here.

You can also find out more about applying for a PhD at PEDAL and potential supervisors here.

Episode 1 with Emma

In the first episode of the PEDAL PhD Series, we hear from 2nd year PhD student, Emma Pritchard-Rowe, who is studying autistic play with Dr Jenny Gibson. Emma talks a bit about working hours, annual leave and managing your time as a PhD student!

Episode 2 with Krishna

In the second episode of the PEDAL PhD Series, we hear from final year PhD student, Krishna Kulkarni, who is studying parent-child play in the UK and in India with Prof Paul Ramchandani. Krishna talks a bit about how you can find out about PEDAL PhD opportunities!

Episode 3 with Paulina

In the third episode of the PEDAL PhD Series, we hear from first year PhD student, Paulina Pérez-Duarte Mendiola, who is studying children’s perspectives on the use of specialised play in hospital with Prof Paul Ramchandani. Paulina talks a bit about her background and how she came to choose her PhD topic!

Episode 4 with Kelsey & Carolyn

In the fourth episode of the PEDAL PhD Series, we hear from two PEDAL PhD students, Kelsey and Carolyn! Kelsey is researching play in health and Carolyn is researching playful conversations in the classroom. Kelsey and Carolyn talk a bit about how they made the decision to do their PhDs at PEDAL and how their work fits within PEDAL and the Faculty of Education.