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Welcome to our library of play-filled resources! This resource library contains a range of short articles, blog pieces and videos to summarise findings from our research, alongside links to our latest academic publications.

On this page you can browse resources created by the PEDAL team. You can also use one or more of the filters below to search for the resources most relevant to your interests.

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Play: A window into children’s social worlds

This was a keynote lecture from world renowned Professor of Educational Psychology, Professor Anthony Pellegrini  titled Object Use & Play in Childhood: Development and Possible Social Functions. Professor Pellegrini discussed the potential evolutionary significance of play and the challenges and rewards of getting scientists out of the lab and onto the playground! Professor Anthony Pellegrini […]

Shaping Social Play Behaviour in Interactive Playgrounds

The introduction of sensing technology in traditional play spaces such as playgrounds has given rise to the possibility of analysing children’s behaviour during actual play. Not only can this help to better understand what is going on during games but when combined with feedback and actuation technology, such as projections or robots, it can be […]

Harnessing New Technology to Better Understand the Family Language Environment

In this PEDAL presentation, Dr Elian Fink talks about the collaborative project Baby Talk, where they used a light-weight wearable pedometer to record infant-caregiver interactions. Play interactions between infant and caregiver have been studied in developmental psychology under many guises, including attachment behaviours, parental sensitivity and scaffolding. Baby Talk aimed to explore the association between […]

PEDAL Seminar: Self-regulation – Foundation skills for children’s healthy development

Part of the PEDAL Seminar series, in this seminar PEDAL and the Psychology & Education research group at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge come together to discuss the importance of children’s self-regulation skills. This seminar is introduced by Dr David Whitebread, and is presented by Dr Megan McClelland (Hallie Ford Center for Healthy […]

What matters to children themselves when they start school?

Christine O'Farrelly, Ailbhe Booth (University College Dublin), Mimi Tatlow-Golden (The Open University), and Beth Barker

Mum and daughter laughing, with daughter putting her hands up to her mum's face

Supporting families with their children’s behaviour: The Healthy Start, Happy Start Study

Christine O’Farrelly, Hilary Watt, Daphne Babalis, Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, Beth Barker, Sarah Byford, Poushali Ganguli, Ellen Grimas, Jane Iles, Holly Mattock, Julia McGinley, Charlotte Phillips, Rachael Ryan, Stephen Scott, Jessica Smith, Alan Stein, Eloise Stevens, Marinus van IJzendoorn, Jane Warwick, Paul Ramchandani.

Hands-on activities and children’s learning

Elizabeth Byrne, Paul Ramchandani, Kayleigh Skene, Thomas Chupein, Hanne Jensen, Celia Hsiao, Bo Stjerne Thomsen, Amy Jo Dowd

Links between mums’ mental health and children’s pretend play

Zhen Rao, Beth Barker, Christine O'Farrelly, and Paul Ramchandani

Coping with Changes: Supporting social and emotional learning in early childhood

Natalie Kirby, Elizabeth Byrne, and Paul Ramchandani

Play in the Pandemic: The impact of quarantine and restrictive environments on children’s play

Kelsey Graber, Elizabeth Byrne, Emily Goodacre, Natalie Kirby, Krishna Kulkarni, Christine O'Farrelly, and Paul Ramchandani.

Finding out more about our work in the PEDAL Centre…

By 2019, PEDAL had been running for four years. This journal article draws together several of our projects which focus on 'measuring play'.