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Welcome to our library of play-filled resources! This resource library contains a range of short articles, blog pieces and videos to summarise findings from our research, alongside links to our latest academic publications.

On this page you can browse resources created by the PEDAL team. You can also use one or more of the filters below to search for the resources most relevant to your interests.

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The Links Between Play and Children’s Mental Health

In this presentation, Professor Helen Dodd from the University of Exeter explains how play has changed over time, and explores how adventurous play might be considered a protective factors when it comes to children’s mental health. This talk formed part of the PEDAL Play Conference 2022, an event which brought together play researchers interested in […]

Using LEGO Bricks to Support Social and Emotional Wellbeing in Neurodivergent Children

Play Included is a social enterprise on a mission to create effective play-based development programmes for children – empowering professionals, enabling parents and families and building community. In this presentation, Dr Gina Gomez de la Cuesta introduces the Brick-by-Brick® programme, which provides opportunities for neurodivergent children to develop their social and emotional skills through collaborative […]

A young girl named Olivia participating in a playful Zoom interview as part of Kelsey's research. She is using a fox shaped cushion as a pretend face mask.

Children’s Perspectives and Experiences of Play in Hospital

In this talk, PEDAL PhD student Kelsey Graber presents their doctoral research – which seeks to investigate children’s own perspectives and experiences of play in hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic. This presentation was recorded on 8th September 2022 as part of the PEDAL Play Conference, an event which brought together play researchers interested in play […]

Exploring the Perceptions of Teachers and Parents on the Use of Play-Based Pedagogy in Kenya

In this talk, PEDAL PhD student Domnick Okullo presents their doctoral research project – which explores teachers’ and parents’ perceptions of the use of play-based learning in preschools in Kenya. This presentation was recorded on the 8th September 2022 as part of the PEDAL Play Conference, an event which brought together play researchers interested in […]

Play as Resilience, Play as Mastery: Supporting Practitioners and Families Across the UK

Play is a child’s normal. Play is both a powerful means of communication, and how we understand the world that we live in. Starlight Children’s Foundation is committed to protecting the right of all children to have opportunities to play, particularly children who are seriously ill and/or engaged with the UK healthcare system on a […]

Pedagogy of Play: What Playful Learning Involves (And Why It Is Important)

Around the world, research trends are showing that there is more play and playfulness in schools. From age four to fourteen (and beyond), children are leading their own learning, exploring the unknown, and finding joy in facing challenges at school. However, most students beyond early childhood do not currently have the opportunity to learn playfully […]

Moving toward a strengths-based understanding of autistic people’s play

How do autistic adults experience and view their play?

Book to Basics: Having fun with books and play

How can we use books in our play?

Four playful ways to help with anxiety

How can we use play to help our bodies recognise we are safe and reduce our anxiety level?

Scoping the evidence: Hands-on learning with physical manipulatives

How can physical manipulatives encourage children's active engagement in everyday learning?

‘Just fun’ – or fundamental? Finding fun in early adolescent self-concept

Is fun an integral part of young peoples' selves, or is it a frivolous extra?

Children bouncing back: How families can use play to help children transition to post-lockdown life

How can families use play to support their children as they transition to post-lockdown life?

A: Astronauts, play and COVID testing

How can we use play to help children engage with the COVID-19 swab?

B: Building Blocks: The power of the brick

How can block play support children's development?