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Category: Professional Development

PEDAL PhD Series: Applying for a PhD at PEDAL

24 July 2023

Have you ever wondered what it's like to do a PhD? Would you like to know more about studying here at PEDAL? In the PEDAL PhD series, current PEDAL students discuss their experiences of studying a PhD at the University of Cambridge and answer some of your questions about the application process.

INSAR 2023: Professionals’ perspectives on strengths-based autism diagnostic assessment

6 May 2023

Neurodiversity-informed approaches enable us to move away from simply understanding autism in terms of difficulties. In this video, PEDAL PhD student Emma Pritchard-Rowe presents a summary of her research on professionals’ perspectives of holistic, strengths-based approaches to diagnostic assessment – which can have a positive impact on autistic people’s wellbeing and enhance the support available […]

INSAR 2023: Autistic adults’ perspectives and experiences of play-based assessments

5 May 2023

Neurodiversity-informed & strengths-based approaches can help enrich our understanding of autistic play and the diverse array of strengths that autistic people have. In this video, PEDAL PhD student Emma Pritchard-Rowe presents a summary of her research on autistic adults’ experiences of play-based assessments. This poster was originally presented at the International Society for Autism Research […]

Early Years Library

9 January 2023

Learn more about these free resources designed to help early childhood education practitioners support young children’s development of essential skills.

An Introduction to the TRAIL (Teachers Reflecting on Agency in Learning) Programme

1 December 2022

Teachers Reflecting on Agency in Learning (TRAIL) is a professional development programme designed to support early years and primary educators in implementing rigorous, child-centred practices that promote agency in children. Many educators are unsure how to balance their role as a guide in children’s learning with children’s exploration and curiosity. In TRAIL, we support educators […]

Shaping Social Play Behaviour in Interactive Playgrounds

11 September 2017

The introduction of sensing technology in traditional play spaces such as playgrounds has given rise to the possibility of analysing children’s behaviour during actual play. Not only can this help to better understand what is going on during games but when combined with feedback and actuation technology, such as projections or robots, it can be […]