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Call for local partners to develop the Playtime with Books programme

Together with NESTA, we are looking for local partners to develop and test our online Playtime with Books programme which helps families to book share.

Book sharing is a way for children and adults to playfully explore picture books together as the basis for conversation and connection. Book sharing supports the important interactions between babies, young children, and their parents, which are vital for early development. Research has shown that book sharing has lots of benefits for children’s language development, cognitive skills and relationships with their parents or caregivers.

Playtime with Books is a promising new online programme, developed in partnership with families and local pracitioners, which local services can use to help families to enjoy book sharing.

A new report launched this week, explains how PEDAL worked with academic and other partners to adapt an effective book sharing programme for virtual delivery through Playtime with Books.

We are currently looking for Local Authorities to express an interest in helping to further develop and test Playtime with Books so that more families can enjoy and benefit from book sharing. Local Authorities can express an interest by completing this form.

Read more about Playtime with Books on the project page.