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Dina Fajardo-Tovar

Year of study: 3rd year PhD student
Supervisor: Prof Sara Baker

Funding: CONACYT (México) and Cambridge Trust

Overview of Research

Dina’s project explores Mexican teachers’ perspectives on using playful learning in their practice. Mainly how playful learning is conceptualised and implemented in Mexican urban and rural preschools, as well as the enablers and barriers to allowing more play for learning and teaching. Additionally, she investigates how early childhood education and playful learning in Mexico occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic and after returning to school.

Key Interests
Dina is passionate about education and how it can improve our society by bridging the research and educational practice gap. She intends to keep working with teachers to collaborate in enhancing learning and development. Also, she is interested in learning more about the role of educational technology in playful learning.