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The Development and Validity of the Children’s Playfulness Rating Scale

This study was conducted in order to develop a Children`s Playfulness Rating Scale(CPRS) and to analyze it in terms of item discrimination, validity, and reliability. The participants in this study consisted of 861 parents whose children were aged from three to six years old. The item discrimination, determined by comparing the highest and lowest group using , Cramer`s V, was found to be satisfactory. The reliability of factors, as measured by Cronbach`s , ranged from .85 to .95. The results of factor analysis identified 4 factors and 35 items were then selected from the 45 items in the original scale. The four factors identified were as follows; (1) leading participation (2) cognitive flexibility (3) expression of joy (4) voluntary full immersion. Concurrent validity was also established by using correlations between the CPRS and CPS(Children`s Playfulness Scale). In conclusion, these results demonstrated that the Children`s Playfulness Rating Scale is both reliable and valid.