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PEDAL – Play at the Extremes: A panel discussion for parents, teachers and carers

Join PEDAL in the conversation about the changing nature of childhood…are we really heading from ‘free range’ to ‘hot house’? Is the Children’s Commissioner for England correct when she calls for play on prescription and claims that children lead a “battery hen existence” (more info in the report ‘Playing Out’)? Chaired by one of PEDAL’s lead researchers, Dr Jenny Gibson, the panel of speakers comprise of: Kathryn Lester (University of Sussex – an academic who researches anxiety in children); Nicola Butler (Chair of Play England’s Board of Trustees and Director of Hackney Play Association – managing Homerton Grove Adventure Playground); Tim Gill (a researcher, writer and consultant on childhood). Stephen Mitchell (Chair, Parkour UK & consultant) Come and join us for this lively and topical debate.