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Milton Keynes Play Association

Milton Keynes Play Association is one of the longest running charitable organisations in Milton Keynes, with over 40 years’ experience of supporting child-centred play. We have two core aims: Making Play Happen – we want all children in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area to have the opportunity to direct their own play in an open and accessible environment. Making Play Matter – we want to ensure that the statutory, private, voluntary and community sector understand the value of child-centred, free-play, and that organisations that work with children are trained and resourced to provide high quality play opportunities. As a social enterprise we sell goods and services that deliver social impact. We are entrepreneurial and business focussed in order to achieve our core values. Our values Everything that Milton Keynes Play Association does is underpinned by four core values: Being child-centred – valuing the quality of life that children can create for themselves. Providing advocacy – advocating for self-directed play and learning. Innovative – being prepared to embrace new play practice and promote leading edge ideas. Enabling change – effecting change to other people’s practice through our own. We work with partners who share our value system and are committed to providing high quality play opportunities to children and families across Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.