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Category: Families

All Work and No Play? Busting the Binary in Majority World Settings

21 June 2023

In this Play Piece, Stephen discusses whether work and play are different, and the value of play as distinct from work.

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2023: Understanding Infant Mental Health

13 June 2023

 In this short animation for Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, PEDAL’s Senior Policy Fellow Sally Hogg explains what we mean by ‘mental health’ in infancy and early childhood. You can also find more information and useful resources for supporting children’s mental health in the early years by clicking here.

Understanding and supporting mental health in infancy and early childhood: A PEDAL and UNICEF UK Toolkit

14 April 2023

There is widespread concern about babies’, children’s and young people’s mental health in the UK, particularly after the pandemic. Surveys of children, young people, parents, grandparents and teachers all reveal worries about mental health. Significant evidence shows us that the foundations for lifelong mental health are laid during pregnancy and the earliest years of life. Thankfully, this is more widely […]

Narrative Matters: ‘Encanto’ and intergenerational trauma

20 September 2022

Read a summary of Sydney Conroy's publication about how themes in Encanto might support children's mental health.

Book to Basics: Having fun with books and play

6 July 2022

How can we use books in our play?

Children bouncing back: How families can use play to help children transition to post-lockdown life

6 July 2022

How can families use play to support their children as they transition to post-lockdown life?

A: Astronauts, play and COVID testing

6 July 2022

How can we use play to help children engage with the COVID-19 swab?

D: Dolls, diggers, and dinosaurs: Do girls and boys like different toys?

6 July 2022

Do girls and boys really like different toys?

F: Fathers and Play

6 July 2022

What impact does fathers’ involvement and play have on children’s development?

L: Links with learning? Uncovering parental attitudes towards play in diverse contexts

6 July 2022

What role do parents consider play has in their children's development and learning?