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Diversity in autistic play: Autistic adults’ experiences

12 September 2023

In this research, we take a neurodiversity-informed approach to understanding autistic play. This means understanding autistic play in terms of differences, strengths and difficulties rather than simply deficits. We also focus on what autistic people say about their play. We were interested in how autistic adults experience play, as well as how they think their play is different to non-autistic play. 

All Work and No Play? Busting the Binary in Majority World Settings

21 June 2023

In this Play Piece, Stephen discusses whether work and play are different, and the value of play as distinct from work.

Exploring play in hospitals in Spain, Australia and England

9 May 2023

In this article, Paulina reflects on her travels and what she has learned about Health Play Specialists and their importance to children in hospital.

Play in South African autism schools: why are formalised ethical processes important?

3 May 2023

Why are culturally sensitive approaches to research ethics so important?

Play, physical activity, and physical health

5 April 2023

How can active play help improve children's access to physical activity and their physical health?

ITAKOM Conference 2023: Moving towards a strengths-based approach to autism diagnostic assessment

16 March 2023

Neurodiversity-informed approaches enable us to move away from simply understanding autism in terms of difficulties. In this video, PEDAL PhD student Emma Pritchard-Rowe presents a summary of her research on holistic, strengths-based approaches to diagnostic assessment which centre autistic voices & have a positive impact on autistic people’s wellbeing and self-esteem. This poster was originally […]

Narrative Matters: ‘Encanto’ and intergenerational trauma

20 September 2022

Read a summary of Sydney Conroy's publication about how themes in Encanto might support children's mental health.

Moving toward a strengths-based understanding of autistic people’s play

6 July 2022

How do autistic adults experience and view their play?

Book to Basics: Having fun with books and play

6 July 2022

How can we use books in our play?

Four playful ways to help with anxiety

6 July 2022

How can we use play to help our bodies recognise we are safe and reduce our anxiety level?