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Play during the pandemic

Pandemic preparedness not only involves understanding how to prevent the harm done by disease, but also how restrictions impact the wider public. Children can give us helpful insights into how they experience restrictions & the power of play in protecting childhood in uncertain times.

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Play in the pandemic rapid review

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many changes to children’s everyday lives, including play. Children’s play was substantially altered due to lockdown and safety restrictions, creating a unique pandemic experience for children. We conducted a rapid review of the literature on the impact of quarantine and restricted environments on play,

Understanding children's play experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

Following PEDAL’s Play in the Pandemic rapid review, PhD Student Kelsey Graber conducted a qualitative research study to investigate children’s own play experiences and perspectives during the COVID-19 pandemic, a state of global health adversity. Fifteen children (ages 3-10) participated in virtual interviews over Zoom between August-October 2020, answering questions and expressing their ideas about play during this exceptional time. This work sheds light on the importance of including children, as members of society, in our understanding of health emergency preparedness, decision-making, and effectiveness, particularly when considering matters of childhood.