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Category: Global research

PEDAL Conference 2024

11 June 2024

Join us at PEDAL’s annual conference this September to hear inspiring stories of how research evidence has been used to change children’s lives and life chances. Leading international researchers, policy makers and practitioners will share innovative approaches to turn evidence into action for babies and young children.

Using play to help the world’s children to heal, learn and thrive

9 May 2024

This year’s annual David Whitebread memorial lecture will take place on the world’s first ever International Day of Play. We are thrilled that the lecture is going online to be so that it can be watched by a global audience.

EARLI SIG 28 Autumn/Spring Webinar: Play, Learning & Development

18 October 2022

Join EARLI SIG 28 on 25th October 2022 for their second webinar in memory of Dr. David Whitebread, 'Play, Learning and Development'.

Imaginative Play within Islamic Storytelling: A Multi-Site Design Experiment

21 September 2022

Join the CEDiR project: Cambridge Dialogues: Rethinking Islamic Education and PEDAL for 'Imaginative Play within Islamic Storytelling: A Multi-Site Design Experiment', a study seeking to expand the analytic gaze on imaginative play to highlight new possibilities within Muslim educational communities.