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Category: PEDAL Students

Sydney Conroy

29 June 2022

Sydney is a PhD student researching play therapists' experiences and perceptions of children's wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sabilah Eboo Alwani

27 July 2022

Sabilah is a 3rd year PhD student at PEDAL, researching how parents have supported children's early learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chika Ezeugwu

29 June 2022

Chika is a PhD student researching how the integration of neuroscience, cognition, child development and education can improve the experience of children in low-income contexts.

Dina Fajardo-Tovar

13 October 2022

Dina is a 3rd year PhD student exploring Mexican teachers' perspectives on using playful learning in their practice, particularly in urban and rural preschools.

Morgan Healy

1 July 2022

Morgan is a 2nd year PhD student and Gates Scholar. Her research is exploring how family home visiting programmes can support children's development.

Natalie Kirby

1 July 2022

Tilly is a 2nd year PhD student researching the ways play and booksharing can support families in children's earliest years. She's also a Research Assistant for the Centre.

Debbie Kwan

1 July 2022

Debbie is a first year PhD student and a new member of PEDAL. Her research will look at raising empathy through play-based learning.

Stuart Macalpine

16 November 2023

Stuart is a part time doctoral student.

Carolyn Mazzei

1 July 2022

Carolyn is a PhD student examining play and classroom talk, and how these are related to children's cognitive development.

Stephanie Nowack

1 July 2022

Stephanie is a 3rd year PhD student researching autistic children’s experiences of playful interventions in South Africa.