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Coping with Changes: Supporting social and emotional learning in early childhood

Natalie Kirby, Elizabeth Byrne, and Paul Ramchandani

What is the Coping with Changes course?

The Lego Foundation’s free Coping with Changes course was designed to support adults as they support children during stress and change. The course is interactive and playful, providing learners with play-based strategies and activities, tools, and resources.

You can work through the course at your own pace, choosing to explore every unit or just the ones that suit you.

What does our unit focus on?

Our unit focuses on how children aged 0-3 years develop and how we can support what’s called their social emotional learning.

We highlight the moments that are really important for babies and young children to develop a solid foundation of social and emotional skills. These include forming bonds for early relationships and attachments, expressing and reading emotions, communicating, and taking part in social and playful interactions.

What does our unit aim to do?

The Early Childhood Unit aims to help learners understand how stress and change might affect young children’s learning and development.

Children are really resilient and they all face stress sometimes (for example, falling over or getting an injection). Having responsive and supportive adults around can help children learn how to process their feelings and cope with these everyday challenges.

We’ve included examples and activities to help learners provide this support for children to feel safe and secure and to continue playing and learning.


You can access the full Coping with Changes course here.

Play Piece

You can also read this short blog post by Tilly and Elizabeth to learn more about social and emotional learning in early childhood.