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Category: Health

Exploring play in hospitals in Spain, Australia and England

9 May 2023

Who are Health Play Specialists, and why are they so important to children's hospital experiences?

Play, physical activity, and physical health

5 April 2023

How can active play help improve children's access to physical activity and their physical health?

Scoping the evidence: Hands-on learning with physical manipulatives

6 July 2022

How can physical manipulatives encourage children's active engagement in everyday learning?

‘Just fun’ – or fundamental? Finding fun in early adolescent self-concept

6 July 2022

Is fun an integral part of young peoples' selves, or is it a frivolous extra?

A: Astronauts, play and COVID testing

6 July 2022

How can we use play to help children engage with the COVID-19 swab?

H: Health, hospitals, and play: The Teddy Bear Hospitals

6 July 2022

How can a playful visit to the Teddy Bear Hospital help children understand hospital care and procedures?

K: Keeping up the good work: The long-term effects of early interventions

6 July 2022

What do we know about the long term effects of programmes supporting children's development?

M: Masked play is still play!

6 July 2022

Is children's play also on lockdown?

N: Nature and outdoor play

6 July 2022

Why is it so important for children to get outdoors to play and learn in nature?

W: Why we all need play in a crisis

5 July 2022

How can play help us to understand and process thoughts and emotions during times of trauma or crisis?