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Category: Families

All Work and No Play? Busting the Binary in Majority World Settings

21 June 2023

Are work and play really so different?

Playtime with Books: Having fun with books and play

6 July 2022

How can we use books in our play?

Children bouncing back: How families can use play to help children transition to post-lockdown life

6 July 2022

How can families use play to support their children as they transition to post-lockdown life?

C: Connected communication: Talking about play

6 July 2022

What do we mean by ‘connected communication’ and what does it look like during children’s play?

D: Dolls, diggers, and dinosaurs: Do girls and boys like different toys?

6 July 2022

Do girls and boys really like different toys?

E: Executive functions and their role in games

6 July 2022

How do everyday activities and games use children's executive functions?

F: Fathers and Play

6 July 2022

What impact does fathers’ involvement and play have on children’s development?

I: Infants and play: Do babies learn through play?

6 July 2022

Do babies learn through play? The evidence tells us they do but we still have much to learn...

L: Links with learning? Uncovering parental attitudes towards play in diverse contexts

6 July 2022

What role do parents consider play has in their children's development and learning?

P: Pretend play: Promoting positive emotions in children

6 July 2022

Why is pretend play a particularly positive place for children? 假装游戏: 提升儿童的正面情绪