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Category: Families

All Work and No Play? Busting the Binary in Majority World Settings

21 June 2023

Are work and play really so different?

Exploring play in hospitals in Spain, Australia and England

9 May 2023

Who are Health Play Specialists, and why are they so important to children's hospital experiences?

Play, physical activity, and physical health

5 April 2023

How can active play help improve children's access to physical activity and their physical health?

Narrative Matters: ‘Encanto’ and intergenerational trauma

30 September 2022

How might films like 'Encanto' be key to helping children understand intergenerational trauma?

F: Fathers and Play

6 July 2022

What impact does fathers’ involvement and play have on children’s development?

H: Health, hospitals, and play: The Teddy Bear Hospitals

6 July 2022

How can a playful visit to the Teddy Bear Hospital help children understand hospital care and procedures?

Y: You and me: Parent child playfulness

5 July 2022

What are some of the everyday ways parents can spend playful time with their children while at home?