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Sabilah Eboo Alwani

Sabilah is a 3rd year PhD student at PEDAL, researching how parents have supported children's early learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sabilah is a 3rd year PhD student whose multi-method research focuses on parent support for early learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She is also leading a global research project on how researchers and practitioners are using play to help children’s post-COVID learning recovery. Sabilah’s research is affiliated with both the PEDAL Centre and REAL Centre at the Faculty of Education in Cambridge.

Sabilah has received research grants from Google, BAICE, and Homerton College (University of Cambridge). She is a Google Research Innovator and has presented her work at TEDx Cambridge, Oxford, BERA, Children & Childhoods, the International Attachment Conference and, most recently, at BAICE.

Sabilah completed her MPhil at Cambridge on preschool efficacy in India, winning the Cambridge Education Research Journal’s Editorial Award in 2019. She completed her dual BA Hons degree in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies at Columbia University in the United States.