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Perfect, T. et al. (2002) Applied Metacognition (Book)


There is a growing theoretical and practical interest in the topic of metacognition; how we monitor and control our mental processes. Applied Metacognition provides a coherent and up-to-date overview of the relation between theories in metacognition and their application in real-world situations. As well as a theoretical overview, there are substantive chapters covering metacognition in three areas of application: metacognition in education, metacognition in everyday life memory and metacognition in different populations. The book has contributions from many of the leading researchers in metacognition from around the world.

January 2002
Publisher or Journal:
  • Developmental outcomes
  • Learning
  • Metacognition
  • Self-regulation
Relevant age group/s:

Whitebread, D. (2012) Developmental psychology and early childhood education: a guide for students and practitioners (Book)