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PEDAL Hub: Resource Library


Welcome to PEDAL Hub!


PEDAL Hub is run by PEDAL (Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning) at the University of Cambridge. It will take available play research from PEDAL and  from other academic institutions and make it accessible for a non-academic audience. We want to make sure that key findings and current thinking is available for everyone interested in play – whether you are a parent, teacher or policy-maker.


On this website, you will find Play Pieces, a list of play-related organisations, and a collection of links to quality research publications, videos of play experts, and websites that may be of interest to you. While we can't provide you with free copies of the listed publications due to copyright laws, if you are a student or scholar, you may be able access them with your own institutional log in, or through your local public library. You can also download the Unpaywall extension to your browser; this is a tool that searches for legal open access copies of journal articles so that you can access them even if you do not have an institutional login. While Unpaywall may not be able to find all the articles that you're looking for, we think it's a brilliant tool to help non-academics get access to articles as well.


Please help us in our goal to keep this resource current by submitting your own or others’ publications, videos and links via submission here. All submissions are reviewed to assess whether or not they fit our criteria, and if they do, we'll make sure to add the link.


If you have a question for us about play, please submit your question here. While we may not be able to answer everything, all questions will help guide our future ‘Play Pieces’ and help us understand what you would like to know.


About ‘Play Pieces’


Would you rather someone summarised the research evidence related to play? Are you a parent or teacher who doesn’t have the time to read long articles?  Are you unsure about whether what you have read is authoritative or current? You've come to the right place! Our ‘Play Pieces’ are written by the PEDAL research team and other authorities in the field, to give you answers to the questions that you may have asked yourself, such as:



We're just starting to build a collection of ‘Play Pieces’, and we will add to them over time - but if there is a particular question you’d like answered, do email us here.