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What are Key Words and Tags?

Key Words


PEDAL Hub has a list of key words and phrases that we've identified as important related to all the content that we have in our database. We have defined these terms through academic literature, and while there may be terms that some academics use differently, we had to decide on a set list to make navigating them easier. Under each key word or phrase you can find any content that we have tagged to be related to that term. You can find a list of our Key Words alphabetically here.


We also have a large number of tags; words and phrases that we haven't given a set definition for, and haven't moved into our Key Words list yet. These usually come from the metadata of the content which is then still available on the website for you to peruse in a similar way to Key Words. They are less regulated, and there may be less useful ones or incorrect tags associated with some content. What we're hoping to do is keep extending our list of Key Words through the long list of tags that we have.